Monday, December 13, 2010

Style by Lauren Conrad Book Review

For months fashion mavens and Lauren Conrad fans were counting down the days for Lauren Conrad to finally release her style book Style by Lauren Conrad. How could we not be excited for this book after Lauren's perfectly polished outfits and clothing line at Kohl's.
I bought Style awhile ago, but hadn't had the time to read due to university. Finally I decided to give it a read after waiting two months after I bought it.
Lauren looks gorgeous on the cover.The high fashion bun is a great choice for the cover as it is glam but not over the top and it allows us to be drawn to her face. Lauren's make-up is perfect for a very clean fresh look.Her signature cat lined eyes definitely draw attention. She finishes the look off with a peach blush and lipstick.

The book is very high quality. The whole book is in color. The pages are very thick and I really liked the fonts and colors Lauren used. The book is split into three sections: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Overall, I found the content of the book to be very common sense. I didn't really learn anything new. My favourite thing was probably the pictures of Lauren's outfits. All of them were super cute. I also learned a few tips about posing for pictures,make-up and packing. The guide at the back was very handy for finding out the designers and brands of the clothes Lauren wore in the book.
(Outfit I have channeled myself)
(Pretty Shoes)
( Casual vs. Dressed Up Versions)
(Stunning Dress)

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to update their wardrobe and wanting to learn how to dress more stylish. It's the perfect guide! It is also nice for those who just want a quick read on fashion. Do not expect to find anything revolutionary. I think Lauren did a decent job on assembling this book. The presentation is great, but the content falls a little short. I still do however, admire Lauren's style and I hope she continues to write. (i'm addicted to her L.A. Candy series)

What did everyone think of Style by Lauren Conrad?

xoxo Jazz

Cha Cha Cheetah

Last night I went to my friend's not so surprise birthday dinner. I decided to wear my new belt and boots. I had a fun time at the dinner. We then went to another restaurant so they could have some more drinks.