Friday, February 4, 2011

Silver Sequins

The snow has really been piling up here. We have had a major snowstorm every week since the new year. So it has been hard to dress for the weather. I cannot wait until Spring!

Two spring trends I incorporated in this outfit were flared pants and scarfs. I've seen many models and celebrities rocking both these trends so I decided to incorporate them into my outfit. Flared jeans have appeared in the spring/summer collections of Jason Wu, Tory Burch and Derek Lam. I think I do prefer flared jeans rather than dress pants. So watch out for a style post on those! Hair scarfs have been very popular in the United Kingdom among celebrities and street fashionistas. The hair scarf is a great way to add a fun accessory to your outfit. I used a silver sequined scarf which I thought i'd never wear again as my hair scarf. It did the trick and I will definitely be using it again.



  1. You are lovely!!! I'm a huge fan of black clothing!

    Also, I am hosting this AWESOME skirt giveaway that I think you might like :) Come on over and check it out! Free fashion pieces, yes please!!

    Much love pretty!

  2. Just discovered your cute blog. Following!
    Whenever you are feeling like stopping by, here is where you will find me! Will be happy to see you!Love from Greece!

  3. I am in the same boat as you! I am craving Spring but it's still too cold for what I want to wear. I would love it if you came and visited my blog, feel free to follow me and I will gladly follow in return :)



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