Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Style for the Sole

Over the weekend I did some serious shoe shopping. Every pair of shoes I got I love! I can't wait to create some outfits posts with these babies!
Now onto the best part my new shoes...

Libby Edelman Kendra Flat
I fell in love with these Libby Edelman flats when I laid my eyes on them. I'm not much for flats but I needed to make an exception for these. I think they are super cute. I love the bow, peep toe and the the zebra-like pattern. These shoes are classic and feminine.

Steve Madden Cary Pumps
I have been in love with Glitter pumps for awhile. I almost bought two pairs of Glitter pumps before but the shoes were always too big or small. I think it was meant to be when I found these pumps. They are definitely a piece that will grab your attention. Not only are they extremely glittery but they have 5 inch heel. Thank goodness for the stacked platform to assist in walking.
I knew when I saw these I needed them!

Betsey Johnson Calandra
Betsey Johnson can be counted on for fun and crazy pieces. When I saw these shoes I knew they were Betsey Johnson and would serve the purpose in the future of bringing some fun into my outfit.



  1. love the Betsey Johnson shoes!!!

  2. awesome shoes! where did you fine these loves?

  3. I really love the color of the glitter on those steve madden pumps. glitter + steve madden? could it get any better?


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