Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Lindsay Lohan's White Dress Look

Lindsay Lohan has once again been stirring headlines. Once again it is related to her legal troubles. This time instead of focusing on profanities written on her nails, everyone is buzzing about the white Kimberly Ovitz dress she wore to court. The 'Glavis' dress has been sold out since she has worn it! Some believe she looked hot and chic, while others believe that the dress was inappropriate to wear to court. I love this look Lindsay wore. I think for once she looks fresh and chic however, I do not think it is the best look to show up to your court hearing in.

I do not recommend wearing this dress to a court appearance but I do recommend it for a night out on the town with your friends. Here are some options of dresses available that remind me of Kimberly Ovitz's sold out Glavis dress.

Pair one of these dresses with your favourite black pumps and you will stylin' like Lilo.