Monday, November 25, 2013

What I Wore to ... Calvin Harris

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the lack of blogging readers! I was recentlly vacationing in Florida and had limited access to the internet so I was unable to blog. I am back and ready with lots of new clothes I will feature in my posts. The outfit in today's post is what I wore to go see Calvin Harris at LIV Nightclub. I had never been to a nightclub like LIV before annd I had an excellent time. Calvin Harris is one of my favourite DJ's so I was very excited to see him for the first time and hopefully not the last! I love every song off his EP. My very favourites include: Thinking About You, Let's Go and Sweet Nothing. The man is amazing and very nice to look at on the eyes.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Travel Tips from a Fashion Blogger

Hi Everyone,
Today's post is about something most people can relate to. The dreaded idea of packing for a vacation. I love traveling but packing not so much. Right now I am in the process of packing for a trip to Florida. The only easy thing for me is I am going to a warmer climate so I can leave my weather wardrobe at home.

Here are some of my tips from my traveling experiences.

Bikinis: Victorias Secret
  •  If you are doing lot's of walking don't wear shoes just because their cute make sure you wear them because their comfortable. I've made this mistake many times. For my upcoming trip I am going to wear my wedge sneakers which are cute an comfortable and flips flops for my pool days. I can't resist heels, a few pairs will be joining me.
  • Make sure your suitcase is in functioning order inside and outside. Check all the zippers to make sure they are attached properly and zipping properly. There is nothing worse than your zipper getting broken and you have a suitcase full of clothes and trying to break open the zippers. Also make sure the wheels are secure and rolling properly. I learned this in the middle of HeathrowAirport.
  •  If possible roll your clothing. It will still stay wrinkle free, and will free up more space than folding your clothes. After all the shopping you'll do on your trip you definitely will want to use the extra space to your advantage. After all no one enjoys paying extra baggage fees or having their trunk full of bags.
  • The Last Tip is to have fun!
I know these tips are common sense, but sometimes it's nice to have a refesher. I will try my best to blog during my trip. Follow me on my social networking sites to check out how my trip is going! What are your travel tips?


Friday, November 1, 2013

Pink Ombre

Happy First of the month! I am very happy it is November. I had a very rough October with some unforunate events, so I am very excited for November to be here! Lot's of exciting this will be going on this month.  Today's outfit is what I wore to a luncheon for the CCRW. I bought these killer pumps at Manchester Shoe Salon's amazing sale a few months ago and cannot believe i'm only unveiling them to my readers now!

Blazer: Vero Moda
Necklace:Le Chateau
Jeggings: Le Chateau
Pumps: Guess

Style Elixir

Happy November or should I say Movember!

 xoxo, Jasmine