Saturday, March 30, 2013

Club Nail Polish Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new up and coming mail order service called Club Nail Polish. Club Nail Polish is different from  subscription boxes because it is a nail polish of the month club; instead of getting many different samples per month you are awarded with nail polish and a few other goodies. The nail polishes you receive will be a brand name such as: OPI, Essie or China Glaze and they will be a secret as you will not have the option to pick before hand.

Club Nail Polish objective is to provide customers with the experience to try different nail polishes they normally may not and also to receive something exciting in the mail for once instead of bills and junk! I know I would love to be surprised with a pretty package in the mail to brighten up my day. Club Nail Polish will be providing Canadian customers with this little surprise package every month and eventually will expand to the United States.

I was not that happy with my package and had a few concerns. The pricing for this service has not yet been decided on.  Based on my calculations, it could become very pricey. Shipping to my address was $12.58 dollars alone. The price of the shipping alone could provide me with at least one brand name nail polish. Therefore, I am not sure what price Club Nail Polish is looking to charge as brand name nail polishes range from $6.99-10.99. For me to subscribe to Club Nail Polish the total price with shipping would need to be under $8 for it to be worth my while. Also there is the possibility that you could receive a duplicate nail polish that you already have. I would recommend that Club Nail Polish have a questionnaire that would base the nail polish you receive off questions relating to what colors you already have and also what colors would go with your skin type. To be honest, the Alpine Snow color would be a color I would never look at buying simply because white nail polish does not complement my skin tone. Club Nail Polish is a great idea in theory, but lots of things will need to be worked out before this service can run smoothly. You can look into Club Nail Polish further by visiting them at one of their social media sites twitter, facebook ,youtube,  and website.

Is Club Nail Polish something you would be interested in?
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* I received this package as a gift to review, however all my thoughts are honest*