Monday, August 12, 2013

Designer Spotlight:Truth Collection

Today I have a very exciting post! An interview with up and coming designer Kami Nettles from one of the newest, hottest lines Truth Collection.

In 2011 Mother/Daughter designing team Kami and Sonja worked their magic to create Truth Collection. Truth Collection embraces something we can all deal with... finding true love. After all, some of us can't go a day without thinking about that.  I was impressed with Truth Collection.  The pieces range from cute and comfortable lounge wear to contemporary knitwear. From cuddling with your true love to lounging poolside with your girlfriends to shopping at your favourite boutique you can guarantee there is a piece from Truth Collection that would be perfect for the occasion.

A congratulations is in order for Kami and Sonja as recently they won a place for emerging designers in the "Finding the Source" contest! This was a contest for up and coming designers who will attend the Sourcing at Magic Event in Las Vegas.

I was recently given the opportunity to ask Kami some questions about her career in fashion.

1.What does fashion mean to you?
To me, fashion is the best way to express yourself through what you wear. I'm all for styling my outfits depending on my mood.

2.How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?
Well, it's totally a team effort! It takes my Mother and I an average on 3.5 hours to construct a piece. From sketching, to pattern making, and then sewing the garment. This does not include designing a graphic and screen printing.

3. What is your fashion background?
I'm a graduate from SCAD...most would think with a BA in Fashion Design, but I actually hold a degree in Advertising Design. Although, I love styling and have worked as a stylist assistant here and there.

4. After winning the "Find the Source"  contest where do you see your career going?
I see only positive things to come. Like any other designer, I've hit milestones in my career but I pray it's all uphill from here. I want to gain capital and take my company to the next level. My goal is to be sold in over 100 stores worldwide in Spring 2014.

5.What do you like best about designing clothes?
I love the idea of endless possibilities. It's nice to design something that makes others feel good in their own skin. I enjoy the entire process from start to finish. Seeing my sketches come to life is a beautiful thing. I also enjoy sourcing for fabrics. I start with several of swatches and narrow it down to a few soft-to-touch textiles, that I feel every woman would love to own.

6. How would you define your personal style?
I'm definitely what most would call rocker chic. I'm all for some skinny jeans a loose fit top, and some killer studded boots. I like to say, that I wear black really well.

7. What celebrity would you love to see photographed in your clothing?
I would honestly love to see Miley Cyrus. Most love to hate her, but I think she's pretty awesome. She's edgy, doesn't care what people think of her, and Miley's a rocker at heart. I could totally be her BFF!

8. Your collection deals with being heartbroken, what advice can you give someone getting over a broken heart?
The best way to get over a broken heart, is to find something you love more. Not a person, but a hobby. I know I did. A broken heart was the way Truth was born. Whatever makes you happy, do it...and who knows maybe you can start a business too.

I would like to give Kami, a very special thank-you for allowing me to do this feature.