Friday, September 12, 2014

NFL Season for the Stylish One

NFL Season is officially upon us. Sundays have turned into football, beer, snacks and more football. To be honest, I am not  huge football fan, I prefer to watch soccer. However, sometimes I can be spotted at the bar on a Sunday enjoying a slider and a drink special, watching the game with some football fans.  I was recently challenged by  Fanatics to put a fashionable spin on a gameday outfit. I was up for the challenge, who says fashion and football can't mix? For this challenge I wanted a feminine but casual game day look. A chose a jersey along with navy, white and silver to represent the Cowboys.  As a child my Dad embedded in my mind, that Dallas is the team I should be cheering for. Time to make my Dad proud.

Fanatics Challenge

Fanatics Challenge by jasmine51 

Check out for your game day wear. There's no excuse now not to be dressed for the game!



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