Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Ipsy Bag

Recently I have been toying with the idea of cancelling my Ipsy subscription. It's always exciting when I get the email my glam room has been posted, but generally it ends in disappointment. I previously addressed this in my last youtube video. Nevertheless, I forgot to cancel and ended up with another subscription bag for the month of October. I wasn't actually disappointed with this month's goodies.

This month my bag consisted of

 Starlooks Lipgloss: I really like Starlooks' products so I was happy to get this. This is the perfect pink for a neutral pink lip. I previously received the Starlooks lip liner so this was the perfect match. The lip gloss has a nice shine and lasts for awhile. I like the gloss, but would I order it online? Probably not.

Skyn Iceland Makeup Wipes: These wipes were full of product which was nice, sometimes I find that make-up wipes for some reason, don't have any product on them. I'm very happy that these make-up wipes did not break out my face.  They were a filler product for me and I would never look into buying them.

Jesse's Girl Mineralized Baked Eye Shadow: At first, I was a bit apprehensive about this eye shadow. It looked pretty enough, but when would I ever wear green eye shadow.I blended this with an existing eye shadow I had and it looked so pretty. It's not overly pigmented but it was the perfect amount of color for work. I actually would look into buying more of these baked eyeshadows. They are $3.99, so they are a great deal and will last a long time.

Figs and Rouge Hand Cream-Mango Mandrin: This was my first time trying this UK brand, and I was not disappointed. This hand cream will be great for the winter, I get extremely dry skin, so this is perfect to throw in my purse. This has a tint of smell but is nothing overpowering or anything I could in trouble using at work which is a big thumbs up. This hand cream does not leave a greasy feeling on your hands too. I would maybe look at buying this product when it is used up.

ECRU New York BB Cream for Hair:  When I first saw BB my initial thoughts were "yay a new BB cream to try out". Just as I was about to spread the cream on my face I realized that it was for my hair.  I didn't even know that BB Cream existed for hair, but I guess it is one of those marketing ploys. I do like this product so fair, I can't really explain if it has had any benefits for my hair due to the amount of time i've been using it. I have to admit that I will never buy this product again, because i'm not really sure what it does.

Overall, this bag had 2 items I would buy for sure and the rest were things I would use. I will continue subscribing, because I love seeing that pink metallic envelope.

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