Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obsessed: Youtube Beauty Gurus

The last few months I have been watching so many beauty youtube gurus. I am obsessed! I have been watching youtube channels more than actual TV. These ladies are so entertaining with their haul videos, favorites and beauty tips. I have discovered s many new products I need to have!  Not to mention it is amazing how some have made youtubing a  full time career for themselves. I have been inspired by these women to start my own youtube channel. Please check out my channel, it's only in the beginning stages, but I hope to vlog and create videos more often. I feel like youtube videos can show my readers a more personal side of myself.

Now onto my FAVORITE Beauty Gurus!

Carlibybel: Carly always looks amazing! She has great make-up looks and her style is awesome. She isn't scared to experiment with her style and go out of the box. Her inspirational quotes can make a bad day turn good. I always look forward to her posts and gaining inspiration from her.

Casey Holmes: Casey seems like the sweetest girl and super down to earth. She is a southern belle. Her make-up tutorials are amazing and she puts so much work into channel. She posts multiple videos a week, and always shows her personality. She has a casual style that totally suits her. I love watching her videos!

Belinda Selene: Belinda Selene is such a bubbly, sweet girl. I love her videos, they are just so pretty! Her style is cute and her decorating videos are to die for. One could dream to have her glam room She also got me into planners, who knew organizing could be so fun?  I'm so happy for her new vlog channel because she is always so happy!

Dulce Candy: Dulce is one of the pioneers of youtube beauty gurus. She was actually one of the reasons, I started blogging in the first place. I love her unique style and dedication to what she does. Not too mention her target finds, always make me want to go shopping.

The beauty guru community is so amazing! There's just so many inspiring woman and it feels like everyday, I find a new guru to follow! Who needs television when there is youtube!

Once again be sure to check out my channel! I have lots of fun videos in mind! So be sure to subscribe! What kind of videos would you like to see from me?