Friday, November 21, 2014

Budlight Sensation: Into the Wild with ElleStyles

The time has almost come for another Budlight Sensation at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. I went last year and had so much! I'm happy to say I am going again this year!  This year will be even better, with some of my favourite DJ's playing like Afrojack and Bingo Players. The atmosphere is amazing between the DJs, props, and crowd. The most important thing is to make sure you follow the dress code which is White. Last year Sensation was in May, so it was very easy to find white clothing. However Sensation is in November this year  and white club wear might not be as easy to find.  panicElleStyles has got you covered for some sexy looks for Sensation White: Into the Wild. They have express shipping, so you will have nothing to worry about it!

Check out their Sensation White section on their website for some hot, sexy and of course white finds.

I am so excited! I cannot wait to attend.

Who are your favourite DJs?