Monday, December 7, 2015

Be Me Nail Art Pens

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Be Me Art Nail pens. These pens are very cool and the perfect thing to spice up your nails.

The pens come in a 4 pack with 8 colours. These pens are available to Target, Amazon, and  They retail for $22.99.

What I like about these pens are they have a regular applicator and then a very thin tip to use for your nail art.  This tip is perfect for precision and detail. A lot of nail art pens do not have this feature.

 The pamphlet also gave some ideas on designs you can too.  After getting these pens I find I am looking at nail designs all the time.These are the perfect accessory for a spa night with your best girlfriends. Also a great stocking stuffer as well.


Friday, December 4, 2015

#TeamLiveFresh Blotting Papers

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There's nothing worse than having a greasy face in the middle of the day.  These are the perfect solution. These Live Fresh Blotting Paper are the perfect thing to store in your gym bag or your purse. This also would be the perfect stocking stuffer.


  • These will not ruin your make-up. So do not worry is your make-up is fleeky and you use these. It will stay in place and just remove the grease and not smudge.
  • These are infused with Green Tea. Who said Green Tea was only for drinking.  These are 100% abaca leaf fibre and are environmental friendly. I'm thinking maybe why that's why this company is called Live Fresh?
  • These are affordable at the mere price of $9.99. It also comes with a Ebook as well, called 27 Natural Skincare Secrets.

These are definitely worth the $9.99. I have been using this daily, to remove any excess oil and grease on my face. I love using this after a quick run on the treadmill during my lunch break.


These were sent to me for review purposes. I can assure you these are my honest thoughts.

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