Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Rid of the Holiday Bloat with Newport Skinny Tea

Hey Beauties,

I hope 2015 has treated you good so far. I know for myself, I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. I've started back at work, and going to the gym. I do need to start eating better this year and amping up my workout a bit. I wanted to share with you all, something that will help you get on track. Today's post is about Newport Skinny Tea.

My weight was always a battle in my younger years. I discussed this a bit back in this blog post. However, through my adult years I have worked on my metabolism. I still like to watch my figure. When I saw this tea, I was very excited to try it. I have noticed on youtube and instagram that many bloggers were trying teatoxes. I was very excited when Newport Skinny Tea contacted me to try some of their new teas.

The teas I received were the Newport Skinny Tea program and the newly launched Malibu Beach Body tea. These teas only contain things that will help your body. On their website you are able to see the ingridients and how they help your body. I will go into detail first about the Newport Skinny Tea program. I was most interested in this tea. I had no complaints about this tea and felt better than ever after drinking it. I admit I did not follow a strict diet with this tea, like it is suggested because at the time I was not looking at weight. The daytime tea was wonderful because on a cold morning, who doesn't like a hot cup of Tea. The tea also did not make me run to the bathroom, like the some of the detox teas.  My system felt very cleansed after this. I felt like the tea was getting out the toxins in my body I didn't need. I often suffer from nausea and stomach pains but while I drank this tea, it seemed to be eradicated. Everything is natural in these teas.  My stomach appeared to be flatter on the days I drank this tea.

The next tea was the Malibu Beauty Tea. I have only had a few cups of this so far. The tea tastes good. The purpose of this tea is help with your skin. I have fairly good skin with barely any breakouts. This will definitely help to maintain my complexion.  I like how this tea has caffeine because it gives you a bit of kick.

I have had a great experience with Newport Skinny Tea. I received my teas quickly in a cute pink bag. I have already recommended them to my friends. By just drinking a cup of tea each morning you can begin to change your lifestyle and improve your health.

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Be sure to check out Newport Skinny Tea on their social media sites and also on their website. They have some great sales right now which will save you some money. They recently launched a new tea called Newport Skinny Cocoa Tea. I am excited for this because it is a healthier alternative than Hot Chocolate.


*I was sent this tea to review. I guarantee these are my honest thoughts*