Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I'm Going to Miss Most About Target Canada

It has been a few weeks since the news broke that Targets in Canada were going to close.  Due to poor sales and problems with its distributor we were braced with this sad news. Personally, Target was one of the few places I actually shopped at in person. My friend Kaylee and I made Target our go to spot on Friday nights.  My Mom and I also frequented at Target a lot. You could say, I could just not get enough at Target.

 I thought I would compile a list of things I will dearly miss about Target Canada.

1. The Make-Up: Target has such a variety of make-up compared to its competitors aka Walmart. It offered reasonably priced brands like Pixie by Petra and Sonia Kashuk.  I was lucky enough to get a set of Sonia Kashuk brushes for $20.00. This was an amazing deal I will never forget. The NYX collection offered everything (Except Copenhagen, it was always sold out). No other store here had such a range of NYX products.

2. The Dollar Zone: The dollar zone in Canada is not as great as its American counterpart, but it was still magical. You never know what you could find.  I have a planner addiction, so I would always be picking up cute post- it notes, gel pens, stickers... everything to fuel my planner addiction. RIP Target Canada Dollar Zone.

3. The Housewares: Target had lots of beautiful things for your home. From chaise lounges to prints to mirrors, it had everything would make your home look beautiful. I had a spot soft for the candles. My Mom got the Pumpkin Cheesecake candle for her birthday and I swear it smells as good or maybe even better than my Bath and Body Works candles.

4. The Baby Section: I recently became an Aunt to a beautiful baby girl Georgia. Ever since, I found out I was going to have a niece, you could find me in the baby department. They had so many cute outfits at great prices! I bought this adorable outfit for my niece and when I got to the checkout it was even cheaper.

5. The Holiday Section Treats: The treats in the Holiday Section have never let me down in terms of their price and deliciousness. During Halloween I was obsessed with the candy corn. Christmas is the peppermint M&Ms and Valentine's Day it has been the cookies and cream hearts. The only good thing about Target is closing is it might help my waistline,

Those are just a few of the reasons I personally will miss Target. There are many more bigger issues with the closure, like the employees who will be losing their jobs and also what will fill the giant void in the mall. I just wanted to share with you what I will miss. I guess now, this will be an even greater reason for me to cross border shop.

What will you miss from Target?